Cooking recipe: Beef hot pot with chili

Beef with chili hot pot is one of the special dishes of Quang Nam that every time you visit, you will surely have to enjoy the delicious, sour and attractive taste, the typical dish of people here. The way to make beef dip chili is very simple but it requires dexterity and meticulous in every stage. Chilies are considered to be the main ingredient of the broth, the beef is equally important to make delicious food. Surely this dish will stimulate the taste of your family members and bring a delicious dinner for the whole family!

1. Raw materials prepared to make beef hot pot with chili

• Beef: 1 kg (The beef you should choose good beef, when dipped with broth will be soft, easier to eat)
• Tomatoes: 2 fruits
• Chili soy sauce: 1 bottle
• Some white wine.
• Spinach, bitter melon, Centella, chopped spinach.
• Common spices: sugar, oil, seasoning, garlic, onion.

2. Processing of raw materials:

– Ginger washed, crushed, soaked in white wine. Next, wash the beef, put in a mixture of white wine and ginger, gently squeeze your hands to remove the fishy smell. Then wash the beef with clean water, drain, then use a sharp knife to slice the meat.
– Tomatoes washed, stalked, chopped and then put in the blender, pureed. Make a separate bowl.
– Morning glory picked up leaves, washed and split into thin, thin fibers.
– Spinach, bitter melon, pennywort pick up damaged leaves, soaked through diluted saltwater
– Garlic, dried onion, peeled, crushed and chopped.

3. How to make beef hot pot with chili?

– Prepare a large enough pan, turn on the stove and then cooking oil to heat. Next, add garlic to the aromatic. When the garlic has just smelled, you puree the tomatoes and stir-fry until cooked. Then pour water to boil.
– Continue to add the sauce of chili sauce on the island evenly until the paste is smooth. Taste with spices to taste and then turn off the heat.

4. Presentation:

The sauce you should put on low heat, use hot with beef. Put vegetables on a large plate, can use more rice paper to roll with vegetables and beef. To make the dish more flavorful, add a cup of soy sauce + chili used as a sauce will be very delicious. I wish you success with this recipe of beef dip chili!

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