Green chili and octopus recipe: The must-try family dish

The octopus dipped in green pepper hot pot has chewy, sweet, and lumpy meat while eating, easily winning the hearts of fastidious guests. It becomes the guts of anyone who loves seafood.
2 cach lam bach tuoc nhung me va nhung giam gion ngon don gian 2
There are many ways to cook octopus into interesting dishes such as grilled octopus with salt and chili, grilled octopus with satay, mixed octopus, stir-fried octopus with vegetables, octopus hotpot. Each delicious dish has its own special features, which highlight the unique taste of this ingredient. More than that, octopus dipped in green peppers hot pot is a quite new choice for the family. The pot of hot soup is smelly, smoky, fresh octopus is dipped in, ripe, pick up, dotted with spicy green pepper salt, the aroma of lemon leaves satisfies the taste! The water-dipped in squid is rich in flavor, sweet taste, and spicy chili flavor mixed with vermicelli, adding vegetables to eat can help you dispel the cold of cold, windy days.
In order to process delicious blue-green octopus dip, the cook needs to choose ingredients that are not only fresh but also delicious. Octopus has many other groups, not only one, you often see in the market selling large animals, big tassel truth shows the truth, small octopus, thin tassel eat once more addicted than any. If you can’t find this one, you can still use the big one. For the soup, you must use the broth from the bone tube, then add seasoning, vinegar if needed. Green chili should choose the green pepper of the Central region, the fruit is small but spicy and strong.

Ingredients to prepare for processing:

gia ot xiem xanh
500 gr of pig bone
500 gr octopus
200 grams of spinach
10 gr green pepper
100 gm of tomatoes
200 grams of cabbage vegetables
Different types of green vegetables depend on your individual taste
Tasting spices: sugar, salt, seasoning powder.
30 gr minced garlic
20 gm lemongrass, minced
1 teaspoon of shrimp satay
1 kg of noodles

How to make octopus dipped in green peppers hot pot:

Step 1: Clean bone of the pig’s tube, poured through the boiled water, then rinsed several times until it is clean. Pour bones into a pot, add water to cover the bones, simmer for 50-70 minutes to have all the sweetness of the bones.
Step 2: Buy octopus, wash, and handle it. If one is large, cut into 2 or 3 smaller parts. Arrange the octopus on a plate, which can beautifully decorate the slices of diagonal red peppers. Use foil, cover it, and place it in the refrigerator while you cook the rest.
Step 3: Fry garlic, lemongrass. When both ingredients have turned yellow, add the sliced ​​tomatoes, stir fry until they are soft, then pour in the broth. Cook until the water is boiled, then season with seasoning. Chilli left or sliced ​​into slices and put them in a pot of water.
Step 4: Cut vegetables into pieces about 5cm long, soak in thin saltwater about 3’p, pour out the plastic and rinse a few times 2 times more to clean. The remaining green vegetables are picked up and washed with water, let them dry and then put on a plate. Pours vermicelli over boiled water, leave until water dry, place in a plate.
Step 5: Scoop water into a pot, heat it on an alcohol stove. When you eat squid, put it in to dip, when the squid is just cooked, take it out with salt and green pepper. Add raw vegetables to the bowl to eat with.

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