Green chili sauce recipe

Green chili salt sauce is a special sauce specially used for seafood, even for dipping other dishes like baked goods are also very suitable. This sauce has a harmonious sour, spicy, salty, sweet taste and enhances the flavor of the dish. Today, we would like to share with you how to make this “divine” sauce.


– 100 grams of green chili (green siamese chili)
– 2 pictures
– 60gr Condensed milk (condensed milk makes the sauce taste better and tastier)
– 50 gr White sugar
– 15 gr salt
– 10 leaf lemon leaves (you can give less if you don’t like)
green chilli 759


Step 1: Preliminary processing of raw materials
Chili you rinse, remove the seeds and stalks. So take the trouble to remove the seeds to make the color of the salt more beautiful, not to mix the chili seeds and the salt will be less spicy. Chili must also be drained so as not to affect the quality and storage time of the dish.
Lime leaves stripped the tendons and cut them into small pieces
Lemon squeezed the juice and be sure to filter out the seeds so that the sauce won’t be bitter. If you use seedless lemons, you can remove the peel and chop it up.
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Step 2: Make the sauce
Put the dry ingredients: chili, lime leaves, salt, and sugar in a blender.
Then add 2 wet ingredients, condensed milk and lemon juice (citrus split). Blend until all ingredients blend and gradually become smoother. Salt will be light green, adding dark green tiny particles look very eye-catching.
You can taste the salt just yet and adjust the spices to suit your family’s taste.
cho muoi ot xanh vao hu thuy tinh bao quan
A few small notes:
– Should choose green siamese chili to make the sauce is the best. The small chili, but in return, the wild siamese chili is very fragrant, the spicy but not as harsh as other cultivated peppers.
– Lemon leaves help the salt to have a beautiful green color and enhance the fragrance. However, if you do not like it, you can not allow it.
– Store fever in the refrigerator cooler to use gradually.
Put the sauce in a glass jar and cover it, put it in the refrigerator to use it gradually
So with just a few simple steps, you have completed a delicious sauce for the family that is not inferior to anything else.

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