How to make chili oil ?

Chili oil is a familiar spice in dishes, so try to make a jar of chili oil in the simple way below.


70g dried chili
600g of cooking oil
20g pepper
15g white sesame
1423932015 dauot


Step 1

Dried chili cut into 3 pieces. Put chili in a small blender (you do not get too small).

Step 2

Pour the chili into a stainless steel bowl or a clean stainless steel pot. Next you put the pepper into the small blender. Pour the ground pepper into the crushed chili.
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Step 3

Pour sesame seeds into a bowl of chili and ground pepper. Pour in cooking oil into a dry pot, simmer and simmer.

Step 4

Pour the heated cooking oil into the bowl of the chili. Ban to chili oil is done.
Chili oil is a spice used in many dishes to enhance flavor. Especially, chili oil when used to eat with noodles or pho is also very delicious. So you should make a jar of chili oil to use gradually.

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