How to make chili sauce at home

Chili sauce is a sauce that should be eaten with fried dishes, steamed or boiled dishes. The pungency from fresh chilies, the aroma of garlic blends with a little sweet and sour of tomatoes will help the dish become more delicious. If you are looking to make your own family a jar of hot chili sauce properly, you can check out how to make hot chili sauce below!

1. Materials needed:

½ kg ripe, fresh chili.
2–4 tomatoes (If you like more sweet and sour flavors, use more tomatoes and vice versa).
100g of sugar.
20g of salt.
1 garlic.
50ml vinegar.
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2. How to make chili sauce

Step 1: Preliminary processing

Cut the stems, wash and soak with diluted salt water for about 15 minutes. Then take out, wash with clean water, put in the basket, drain.
Peeled garlic, washed, cut into small slices.
Wash tomatoes, remove the intestines and seeds, finely chopped
Variations of homemade chutney
Variations of homemade chutney
Puree chili, garlic, tomatoes before cooking sauce

Step 2: Puree the ingredients

Put the mixture of chili, garlic and tomatoes in the pot with 1 liter of water, about ⅓ pot
Get on the stove to boil, wait about 2 minutes, then turn off the heat
Take garlic, chili, tomatoes into the basket to cool.
Put the mixture into a puree blender, use a strainer to remove the corpse
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Step 3: Cook chili sauce

After the chili is filtered clean, put it in a pot and cook over low heat
When the chili sauce is boiling, add sugar, salt, vinegar, stir and taste to taste.
If the mixture is thick, turn off the heat.
For chili sauce to cool, put in a glass jar with lid and use.

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