How to make korean chili paste ?

Korean chili sauce is famous for its unique aroma, special taste, and suitable for dipping and can be used as ingredients for cooking dishes.
For those who don’t know where to buy Korean chili sauce, you can make this simple at home by following the instructions below.

Ingredients for Korean chili sauce:

+ Fresh spicy chili (500g)
+ Apples (1 fruit)
+ Garlic (60g)
+ Ginger (20g)
+ Glutinous rice flour (20g)
+ Salt (30g)
+ Sugar (30g)
+ Rice vinegar (20g)

How to make Korean chili sauce:

+ Washed bright red chili, drained.
+ Ginger, garlic, peeled, cut into a blender.
+ Pour rice vinegar into ginger, garlic and grind.
+ Cut chili into many small pieces.
+ Put chili in a blender with pureed garlic and ginger.
+ Apples are washed, peeled, cut into small, thin pieces.
+ Add apple, sugar, salt to the chili mixture.
+ After pouring the ingredients, add the glutinous rice flour and mix well and grind for another 10 seconds. The chili sauce mixture is done.
+ Pour chili sauce into dry, sealed, water-free boxes and keep refrigerated from cooling for at least 1 week for fermentation.
+ After about a week, the Korean-style spicy chili sauce is at its best, suitable for direct dipping or seasoning.

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