How to make Thai chili garlic sauce ?

In dishes such as fried fish balls, cakes, omelets or spicy noodles,etc, often have sweet and sour chili sauce to taste better. However, many people are still afraid of the quality of these types of sauce on the market currently. So, to ensure food safety and hygiene, it is better to make Thai sweet and sour chili garlic sauce by yourself. To better understand how to do it, please join us to learn through the article below.


– Fresh chili
– Ginger, garlic, sugar
– Rice vinegar, water, chili sauce
– Ketchup
– Salt


Step 1: First we proceed to process the raw materials. After buying garlic, we peeled the skin and put it into a cup to process. Ginger also, after buying, I shave the skin, wash it thoroughly, and then remove the seeds.
Step 2: Then we proceed to buy fresh chilies, we buy about 100gr of fresh and ripe red chilies, without rot. After buying chili, we take away the chili roll, then wash and let it drain completely. So we have prepared the chili.
Step 3: Next, we prepare a grinder, then turn 100gr of chili into the machine along with 20gr of garlic and 10gr of ginger, add 150gr of sugar, 100ml of rice vinegar, 100ml of filtered water, 100gr of chili sauce, and 30gr of ketchup. The blender then press the blender operation button for a very smooth blender.
Step 4: After the mixture has been finely ground, we make a pan, we catch the pan on the stove and boil, add 1 teaspoon of salt to the sauce and then mix well to dissolve the salt. We boil about 10 minutes then add 30 grams of tomato sauce to the same.
Step 5: To thicken the soy sauce, then during boiling, we add 20gr of cornstarch with 50ml of water to boil together, cornstarch will make the soy reset. We boil and stir until the consistency is thick. So our sweet and sour Thai chili sauce is complete.
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When the sweet and sour Thai chili sauce is cooked, we turn off the stove to cool, we put it in the box then cover it to preserve and eat gradually. Sweet and sour Thai chutney has an extremely attractive aroma. When we eat it with hot dogs, it is great, the sweet and sour sauce and the spicy will make your dish a lot more delicious.
With very simple processing as well as easy-to-find processing materials, we have made a sweet and sour Thai chutney. Just delicious to ensure hygiene and food safety. Let’s make sweet and sour Thai chutney for family use. Good luck.

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