How to make wine with chili at home ?

The way to make wine to serve with chili is quite simple, you can use dried chili or fresh chili. Best wine with chili is the number 1 herb for heart disease emergencies.

The hotter the chili, the better effects – wine with chili

How to make wine with chili at home 1
Best wine with chili is the number 1
The more spicy peppers are, the more phytochemicals they contain. So choose the spiciest chili if possible. Herbal extracts can be extracted by using water just like making tea. But not for long this way. It is best to soak the wine. Alcohol helps to extract certain substances that water is difficult to get out of. You can also use apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol. Wines choose from 40 degrees or more or 95 degrees rice wine. If using 1 liter of 95-degree alcohol, add 1 liter of distilled water.

Make wine with chili from fresh chili:

Medicinal alcohol if you can start soaking on the first day of the month. Take fresh chili (about 200g), the hotter the chili as possible, you can use many kinds of chili at the same time, wash it, let it drain, cut off the stem, put in a blender, pour the wine to cover the top of the chili. Blend for about a minute or until chili is smooth. Pour into 1-liter glass bottles, refill the bottles with alcohol. Fresh chili has a stronger effect. Can be used fresh right after grinding very well. Place in a dark place without light, shake well a few times a day. After 14 days, filtered off the pulp, the bottle of chili wine will be for many years.
How to make wine with chili at home 2
How to make wine with chili at home 2

Make wine with chili at home From dried chili powder:

Take about 120g of dried chili soaked in a liter of rice wine 45 degrees for 14 days.

Always carry chili wine

Heart attack:

A hot cup of tea with a teaspoon of chili wine will stop the heart attack in less than three minutes. When you feel your heart attack is imminent, drink a cup of hot chili tea every 15 minutes until the symptoms go away. If the patient has been unconscious from a heart attack, initiate two teaspoons of chili alcohol in the mouth, then add up when the patient starts to react.

Bleeding (inside or outside the body):

Make a cup of hot chili tea (use a teaspoon of chili powder or 30 drops of chili wine) to cool down and then drink, drink the chili powder if possible. Health will be held back within 10 seconds.


You can sprinkle chili powder on the wound, or wash the wound with chili alcohol, the blood will stop in a few seconds.
How to make wine with chili at home 3
How to make wine with chili at home 3

Daily maintenance dosage:

Start with 5 drops of chili wine mixed in drinking water or juice three times a day. Gradually increase up to 1 full dropper (= 30 drops), 3 times daily. Or start with 1/4 teaspoon of chili powder 3 times a day, and gradually increase to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Put chili (chili powder or chili wine, chili vinegar) in a glass of hot water, leave for 5 minutes like making tea and then drink. Drink as hot as possible.


Chili has a quick effect, you can feel it right away. The chili immediately increases blood circulation and you feel the energy increase the first time you try it. However, if you are impatient to take too much, you may experience diarrhea or an upset stomach. At first, use chili with meals. Butter, cream, and yogurt will help reduce the heat of chili in the stomach better than water. You can also sprinkle paprika on foods.
In case of emergency, if you do not have chili wine, use fresh chili, crushed and then mix with hot water to make chili tea for the patient to drink (1 large hot pepper is the length of the index finger mixed in 200-250 ml of hot water).
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