5 effects of fresh chili on human health

1. The effect of fresh chili in fighting diabetes.

A 2011 study by scientists at the University of Tasmania published in the journal of nutrition has shown that if you regularly eat fresh chili in your daily meals, it can help to control insulin levels in the blood well for patients with diabetes. According to the scientists’ data, the diet supplemented with fresh chili helps to reduce about 60% of blood sugar compared to those who do not use fresh chili. This is indeed good news for patients with diabetes.

2. Fresh chili is effective in relieving joint pain.

Fresh chili is one of the very popular spices used in daily meals. Fresh chili has a hot spicy taste thanks to the compound capsaicin which is very beneficial for health. The capsaicin in chili peppers works to relieve headaches by increasing the resistance to nerve cells. Especially, those suffering from joint pain, if using chili regularly, it effectively reduces joint pain and swelling. The capsaicin in chili peppers is also used to make a number of topical medicines to relieve pain.
Fresh chili is effective in relieving joint pain
Effects of chili

3. The effect of fresh chili in fighting colds.

Fresh chili is one of the hot spicy spices, just need to eat a little to see the body heat up, people sweat. Thereby helping to eliminate toxins, helping to cleanse the body, and fight against common colds. Regular use of chili also helps to reduce chest pain, boost the immune system, and fight respiratory infections.

4. Reducing blood fat effectively.

Fresh spicy chili is especially good for those with hyperlipidemia. According to scientists have shown that, if you eat foods that contain fresh chili peppers, the amount of cholesterol in the blood is significantly reduced. The nutritional components in fresh peppers work to speed up the metabolism in the body, thereby helping to burn excess fat (fat) in the body faster. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should add fresh chili in your daily meals. The good news for you is that these substances also increase the secretion of hormones so they have a beauty effect!
Reducing blood fat effectively

5. Control of cardiovascular diseases.

Chili is rich in vitamins and minerals, with oranges much higher than many times in terms of vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. 100 grams of fresh chili peppers provide up to 144 mg of vitamin C (the top of fresh vegetables). The high content of vitamin C helps to harden the arteries, control cardiovascular disease, and reduce cholesterol in the blood effectively.
In addition to the health benefits, the fresh peppers are also an unattractive spice, the hot spicy flavor of the chili helps to stimulate the taste buds and create a sense of appetite for people. Please add fresh spicy chili to your daily meal!

Who should not eat chili

Who should not eat chili

1. Pregnant and lactating women

According to scientific researchers, if the mother eats a lot of chili peppers, it can lead to heat in the body and can affect the breast milk, leading to difficulty sleeping or crying. In addition, when pregnant, mothers eat a lot of chili peppers that can cause allergies for children in the future.

2. People with stomach ulcers

Because the soursop has a hot taste, it can burn the skin, when entering the body, it is easy to damage the stomach lining, especially those with stomach ulcers. When eating too much chili also easily affects the digestive system, easily causes heat in the body, indigestible eating and if eating too spicy, it is easy to get stomach ulcers.

3. People with hemorrhoids:

Oats have a hot and spicy taste, containing stimulants that easily cause water retention in the mucosa.

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