Chili and myocardial infarction

Chili has lots of vitamins A and C, has all kinds of B vitamins, is rich in vitamin E, and is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron.
Chili has the ability to increase blood circulation and the activity of the heart.
It has special abilities to enhance cardiovascular performance while actually lowering blood pressure. Chili has a powerful effect on the whole system. Chili has been used for a long time to treat fatigue and restore stamina and resilience. Chili is also a natural stimulant that does not cause harmful side effects such as heart palpitations, hyperactivity, or high blood pressure.
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Heart Attacks
For 35 years of healing and teaching, treating patients with myocardial infarction, Dr. Christopher never lost a heart patient when he was called in for emergency treatment at home. The reason is, whenever the doctor entered the patient’s house – if they were still breathing – he gave them a whole glass of chili tea (a teaspoon of chili powder or chili wine in a glass of hot water), and only one after a while they got up and walked again. This is the fastest help we can give to the heart, as chili peppers provide the heart’s essential nutrients right away. Most hearts lack nutrients because we often eat processed foods over the counter.
To demonstrate the value of chili peppers, how wonderful chili peppers are, and what the best food of the heart is, the Eastern doctors did the following experiment and was published in many magazines where they experimented. Doctors place some living heart tissue in a sterilized lab glass filled with distilled water, and grow heart tissue with only cayenne pepper, periodically cleaning the layers. residue at the bottom of the glass and add distilled water. During the growing period of heart tissue, the doctor has to remove the heart tissue every few days because it is growing very fast. Without the pituitary and pineal glands to control, tissue continued to grow rapidly, so they had to keep an eye on it. They feed live heart tissue for 15 years.
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After the doctor’s death, the collaborators continued to grow heart tissue for another two years before destroying it because there was no need for this further study. This proves the excellent nutritional value of chili to heart tissue. This is also the reason why so many surprising cases are elucidated when chili peppers are used for a heart attack. Because most of these cases are due to heart malnutrition. The heart hasn’t had the right nutrition for a long time that it gets too hungry, then at a time what people worry about happens a heart attack.
A cup of chili tea gives the heart a powerful amount of whole foods, fast and miraculously enough to wake a person up in a heart disease crisis. This is something everyone should know, because a heart attack can happen to family or friends at any time, even to yourself. Hot tea works faster than a pill, capsule, or cold tea, because hot tea causes cells to expand and absorb peppers much faster, and the performance nutrients go directly to the heart. through the arteries.
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