Does chili help preventing cancer ?

Chili is a popular spice in the world because it has a spicy flavor.  However, chili has a high value for health when it can help prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and flu.
In addition to the above effects on health, recently researchers from Marshall University, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine have published an unexpected result that eating chili peppers also help prevent cancer. These researchers believe that chili peppers contain the natural compound capsaicin, which helps prevent cancer metastasis.
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To clarify the use of peppers in cancer treatment, the researchers looked at the effects of capsaicin on lung cancer cells. After doing experiments, the researchers found that capsaicin compounds can inhibit the first stage of metastasis of cancer.
Not only that, but this research group also continued to experiment on mice with lung cancer, which had a capsaicin-enhanced diet. The results showed that if the mice were fed with a lot of capsaicin compounds from chili peppers, the lung cancer cells in them metastasized lower than mice that carry cancer but eat according to diet. normal level.
To explain the use of capsaicin in chili peppers, experts say this compound inhibits the growth of the protein Src, which is the cause of death in cells in the body.
Lead researcher Jamie Friedman hopes that one day the capsaicin compound in chili peppers will be used in combination with other chemotherapy to treat many types of cancer. However, he also argued that overuse of the capsaicin compound or more specifically, eating chili peppers on a regular basis would cause side effects including gastrointestinal irritation, stomach cramps, and a burning sensation.

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