Does chili help weight loss ?

According to research, eating spicy and losing weight can help regain physique, so many women have found a cause to eating chili. However, in fact, can eating chili help lose weight? If you are planning to lose weight with chili, do not miss the information below.

How many calories are in 100 g of chili?

Studies show that in 100g chili contains only 40 calories. Accordingly, eating chili will not cause fat or gain weight for the user. On the contrary, this raw material is rich in antioxidants that are beneficial for health.
Especially among them is Capsaicin – the substance that creates a hot spicy flavor of chili, and brings high value to health. It can relieve the pain of acid reflux and prevent certain diseases.
In addition, the nutrient content in chili also helps brighten eyes and aids in the prevention of some diseases of the body’s immunity and resistance.
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Can I lose weight when eating chili?

Chili is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, so it is very good for beautifying the skin and minimizing skin aging, leads to a healthy body. So, actually eating chili to lose weight?
Using chili will help burn calories as well as support weight loss. Adding chili to your diet every day will help reduce calories thanks to its ability to increase metabolism.
Specifically, red chilies can speed up metabolism, help the body convert food into energy and effectively burn fat.
In a study in Hungary showed that those who supplemented with capsaicin in chili can help the body burn more than 50-70 kcal/day.
In particular, spicy foods can cause the body to sweat like exercising.
Another reason that chili can lose fat is that there is plenty of water in this ingredient to help increase feelings of fullness. On the other hand, because it does not contain many calories, eating chili will not cause weight gain.
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See how to lose weight effectively with chili

 Tips to lose weight effectively with green bell peppers

Green bell peppers contain high amounts of fiber that can increase feelings of fullness for a long time. This will reduce your body from eating too much food during the day.
In particular, the amount of fiber in bell peppers also helps promote metabolism, supporting fat burning better.
The use of bell peppers with the appropriate dosage will completely have the ability to effectively lose fat.
Take 1 succulent green bell pepper
Wash the chili, remove the seeds and cut into chunks
Put the chili in the juice
You can add filtered water, honey and a little ice to the chili water to make it taste better
Drink 15 minutes before meals.

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