Drying chilies procedures at home

Drying chili is an effective way to preserve chili when they are ripe since fresh chili will easily be damaged, crushed and affecting quality. Therefore, drying chili peppers to use gradually and limit chili damage is the most necessary work.
Dried hot chilies are a method that you can store chili for many months. Here we provide some ways you can dry chili. Along with ideas on what to do with them after drying

Benefits that chili brings

– Resistance to cancer
A miraculous use from chili Capsaicin can accelerate dead cells without damaging healthy cells.
– Beauty skin
You may be surprised to learn that peppers can beautify your skin. Chili can promote hormone secretion, improve skin condition.
– Beneficial for diabetes
Capsaicin may play a palliative role for some symptoms of type 1 diabetes.
– Heart protection
Often eating chili can effectively delay the development of atherosclerosis.
– Help you sleep well
Australian scientists have found it easier for a group of volunteers to sleep when they eat chili-flavored.
– Helps relieve pain
The capsaicin in peppers also has analgesic effects and is related to anesthetics. According to researchers at Harvard University (USA), capsaicin can be used as an analgesic receptor without affecting nerves.
– Anti-flu
Chili is very good for the immune system, just eating a little chili or pepper also makes you sweat. This helps you cleanse your body and fight off the flu. In addition, chili also helps to reduce chest tightness and fight inflammation in the respiratory tract.
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Home drying process of chili

Chili is an indispensable spice with our daily life. Fresh chili is used to make dishes, he is also dried as chili powder and chili sauce. Chilli only harvest 1 crop a year so for long-term preservation people often dry or use a dryer.

Drying chili indoors

This is everyone’s preferred method because it is simple, money efficient. You can use this method if you are not in a hurry about time. Because the time it takes to dry them indoors with air will be very long, can last a week.
Step 1: Prepare chili: You choose the ripe chili just arrived, not crushed, pests.
Step 2: Wash chili under running water, clean to remove dirt, mud on the fruit. Rinse, drain.
Step 3: You can proceed to remove chili seeds or leave whole fruits to remove only the stem. Arrange chilies on a large tray or plate, then place them in a warm, dry place with the sun shining.
Step 4: You monitor them daily to avoid insects and flies. Also, check and flip the capsicum to quickly dry out.
Step 5: After about 1 week, you see the results if the hot chili pepper is dried then proceed to preserve. If not already dry, continue to dry them until completely dry.
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Drying peppers by sun-drying outdoors uses energy from the sun

Step 1: Choose ripe chili peppers, not crushed, pests and diseases washed. You can leave the fruit whole or slice it to dry quickly as you like.
Step 2: Put hot peppers on the tray or drying rack, arrange 1 layer should not stack many layers on top of each other. Arrange peppers evenly, there is a space for them to have a faster drying space.
Step 3: Drying it outdoors will quickly dry out rather than drying it indoors with air. Chili can dry within 3-5 days thanks to the sun.
Step 4: After drying, bring them to the house to cool and then proceed to preserve for gradual use. If properly maintained. Dry chilli can be stored for 6 months to 1 year depending on room conditions.
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