Great benefits of chili leaves

Chili leaves are a valuable medicine in traditional medicine with many effective therapeutic uses and many effects on health. Chili leaves have a bitter taste, cool properties that have heat, detoxification, and diuretic effects.
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For many people, chili is a familiar fruit in every meal, even everyone knows that chili is an extremely valuable medicinal herb, but few people know that chili leaves also have great uses.

Good for diabetics

Many people use chili leaves to cook soup with shrimp, meat to help nourish the body, in addition, this dish is also beneficial for diabetic patients. The soup cooked from chili leaves has a mild, bitter taste.


Chili leaves have anti-bacterial properties, which can help you get rid of food poisoning. In addition, it has the ability to heal fungal skin disorders or trauma.

Cure aches and pains

Use a few large-sized chili leaves in a pan, add olive oil, and stir. When the oil is just warm, take the leaves out and use this warm chili leaf to cover the painful swelling like joints, muscles will help improve the situation.
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Prevent cardiovascular disease

The leaves are rich in phytochemicals and phytochemicals and phenolic acids, these substances have very high antioxidant properties, which are effective in boosting the immune system and lowering blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Improving digestion

The latest research shows that chili leaves have the ability to reduce the amount of “bad” cholesterol in the body, inhibit the growth of bacteria due to food contamination and protect the stomach lining in cases. have an H. pylori infection.

Cure pimples, poison, wounds

Take chili leaves, nautical leaves, dandelion leaves, horoscopes, apple leaves, each from 10-20g, wash, crush with a little salt and then apply to wounds or pimples, nail tips. Or take the chili leaves, cactus branches, she has thorns, the leaves are 5 – 10g each, crushed on the pimples. 1-day replacement drugs.
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Protect eyes

Eating hot peppers can make you cry, but chili peppers have lots of vitamin A precursors like tomatoes. And the chili leaves too, have many nutrients and vitamins such as C, pre-vitamin A, so it has the ability to slow down the aging of the eyes.

Treatment of arthritis

Arthritis is more common in people over 55 years old. This disease causes swelling and stiffness in the joints. Chilli leaves can help treat arthritis because it has high anti-inflammatory properties.

Cure snake centipedes, insect bites

Fresh chili leaves can be used alone, just enough to crush, cover the bite. After 15-30 minutes if the pain persists, do it again.
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Cerebral stroke treatment

Chili leaves (the type of chili only small natural fruits) are crushed, add water and some salt, drain the patient’s water for drinking, the residue on the teeth will wake up.
Medicine Ho Minh also said that, in the case of a stroke, relatives immediately use the leaves of the chili plant to aid patients in the following way:
Take 100g of chili leaves only natural (pay attention to the old leaves for the best effect), put the leaves in the blender with 500ml of boiled water to cool and 2g of salt, filter the water for the patient to drink, the chili leaves then cover. teeth will help the patient to recover quickly.

Helps reduce fever

You can reduce the fever with a folk method: crushed chili leaves and mix with lettuce oil and apply the mixture on your forehead. The fever will subside gradually.

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