Health benefits of red chili pepper

Although the burning spicy taste of red chili peppers may not be easy to eat for many people, this spice has many health benefits.
Migraine fighting: Spray chili water at the tip of the nose? You will certainly feel the pain, but it will help to get rid of your migraine. Chili juice has a special recipe for capsaicin, a chemical found in the seeds of chili peppers. It paralyzes the trigeminal nerve where migraines come from.
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One large study found that adults who ate at least one fresh or dried red pepper for a month had a 13% lower risk of death. This is likely due to the nutrients present in chili peppers and its anti-inflammatory, obesity-fighting powers.

Help to clear the nose:

You have sneezing, runny or stuffy nose and your doctor calls it non-allergic rhinitis. A single vapor of capsaicin may help ease your symptoms. At first, you will feel very uncomfortable and the chili gas seems to make your nose worse. But soon, the capsaicin will take effect and you should be free from a stuffy nose for a few months.
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Accelerate metabolism:

Capsaicin – a chemical present in red peppers that speeds up the body’s warming rate, while activating a sensory neuron called TRPV1 that helps prevent fat accumulation and control appetite. This boosted metabolism can help you lose weight.
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Relief of arthritis pain:

Capsaicin is found in many heat creams and patches that provide quick pain relief. One study shows that capsaicin helps to eliminate pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia in just a few weeks.
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Fight cancer:

In the laboratory, capsaicin can kill cells linked to more than 40 types of cancer, including rectal, lung, liver, pancreatic and white blood cancers. This substance alters the activity of genes associated with cancer cells and may even stop cancer cells from growing.
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Body protection:

Red peppers contain many nutrients. About vitamin C, the content in chili 3 times more than oranges. Chili also contains vitamins A, B, E. Some studies show that capsaicin plays an antioxidant role in protecting cells and slowing inflammation.

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