How to distinguish real and fake chili powder ?

Chili powder is one of the popular spices in the preparation of everyday dishes. However, for the sake of profit, many establishments have produced fake chili powder, causing great harm to the health of users.

Why must dye chili powder?

Chili powder is very difficult to preserve for a long time because it is easy to mold cannot be sold. Therefore, chili powder is coated with some chemicals such as Rhodamine-B to make it easier to store. In addition, they are also dyed bright red eye-catching colors thanks to the coloring products to attract more customers.
This color, when goes into the body, becomes very dangerous for a long time. They will accumulate into toxins that are harmful to your liver, stomach, intestines … therefore it can affect health and even cause cancer.
To avoid buying fake chili peppers contaminated with toxic chemicals, you should note some of the easiest ways to distinguish below:
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Quality dried chili powder will have the same color as copper or a little brown, less bright. From fresh chili powder to dried chili powder, it is necessary to go through the drying process. Under high temperature, the color of the chili will no longer be as colorful and bright as before.
Therefore, if the chili powder products you buy have a beautiful red color, it is most likely that they are of poor quality, dyed with color.


Real paprika will have a distinct aroma and spicy taste. Those who are unfamiliar, if smelling, can sneeze and smell. The mixed, dyed paprika will not have a characteristic spicy or spicy flavor, often with the smell of coloring.

Put in water

Real paprika is insoluble in water. If added to water, it will float on top and not discolored. If you put it in water and see that the chili powder dissolves into a red or orange liquid, it is definitely a mixed, colored chili powder.
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High-quality chili powder will be carefully packaged in clean plastic boxes, with full manufacturer information, expiry date, storage methods and no signs of erasure. The fake chili powder is usually packaged sketchy in a plastic bag or in a plastic box without the manufacturer’s name. If so, it is merely a black and white information sheet that can be easily tampered with.

Real chili powder often has chili seeds

If you look closely, you will see that the real chili powder still contains a lot of yellow dried chili seeds, but the chemical chili is very smooth, looking very eye-catching because when dyeing the color, the yellow pepper seeds accidentally were dyed red along.
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