Improve economy thanks to planting chili

About 3 tons of chili grown organically by Mr. Le Van Vo (37 years old; living in Ham Giang commune, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province) has just been consumed by a company in Ho Chi Minh City to make chili sauce exported to the US.
Leading us to a chili field that is in full bloom deep in the muddy dirt road of Ham Giang commune, the young man of 8X Le Van Vap could not hide his joy. “A company in Ho Chi Minh City has just come down to take a sample of chili to check and meet the quality, so they set up the issue of purchasing all for export” – Mr. Vo excitedly.
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Working as a driver in Ho Chi Minh City, but his income is not enough to cover his life, in 2013, he quit his job to move to his hometown and came up with the idea of ​​growing chili for sale. Seeing that a “giant” in Tra Vinh had vacant land, Mr. Vo asked to borrow 5 hectares of chili growing and opened a chili collection establishment to supply to wholesale markets. After 1 year, the landowner regained the ground, he turned to buying and selling chili raw materials. Thanks to his old relationships from the time he was a driver, he has been able to connect many “matches” with good business. By the end of 2017, he rented 1.2 hectares of land from a household for 30 million VND / year and determined to grow “clean” chili. This time, farmer Tra Vinh experimented with a new planting method: he did not buy seedlings from outside but raised the seed himself to ensure better seedling quality. On the one hand, he uses mulch to create moisture for microbiological farming, on the other hand, he buys cow manure from people raised in the compost area to make organic fertilizer combined with microbiological fertilization of a company in Hanoi, absolutely no fertilizers. learn. “Using microbiological fertilizers is very effective. The chili tree that is caused by the fungus is defoliated, only needs to apply probiotics for a few days to make new buds right away” – Mr. Vet said.
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In 1.2 hectares of organic chili growing, Mr. Vap dedicated 1,000 square meters of a greenhorn to a company in Ho Chi Minh City to make chili sauce for export to the US and frozen to sell to the Malaysian market. “I have just picked about 3 tons of chili on this 1,000 m2 area, earning a strong profit. The company spent 22,000 VND / kg, in total I earned nearly 66 million VND. Subtracting all costs of fertilizers and irrigation. , the worker picked … 17 million dongs, I got a profit of nearly 49 million dongs, the yellow horn pepper planted in the remaining 1.1 hectares area, I sold to wholesale markets, the price ranged from 35,000 to 40,000 dong/kg. I trust products to grow “clean” chili, so they can always buy the price “- Mr. Voc said.

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