The Aji Charapita: The most costly chili on the world

The Aji Charapita chili has a very small size, only close to a bean, but its price is not small at all.
Chili is a familiar spice to every family since it is easy to grow, and sells for as cheap as given. However, Aji Charapita chili is the exception, due to its special taste and difficult to grow, its price is extremely expensive.
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Aji Charapita chili is native to the forests of northern Peru, Oddity said, it is known as a wild pepper and has recently been planted for commercial purposes.
This variety of chili has a very small size, only close to a bean. When eaten raw, diners can feel a strong fruit flavor that is suitable for salads or tropical sauces. However, they are mostly used in powder form to spice up different dishes.
Although still unfamiliar in most Western countries, Aji Charapita chili is said to be a sought-after spice with chili addicts and famous chefs at 5-star restaurants.
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It is not easy to buy the Aji Charapita chili for 2 reasons. First, this type of chili is very rare in the wild, only indigenous people, indigenous people, or go to the forest in Peru have the opportunity to harvest, or you can buy seeds through an online sales system and grow yourself. Second, even if it finds a seller, its price will make you afraid.
Because the quantity is very small, today this fruit is grown in greenhouses by some European and South American countries that apply high technology for commercial purposes.
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Dubbed the “queen of chili”, Aji Charapita chili has the lowest price of 25,000 USD (nearly 560 million VND) / kg – an almost unbelievable price for a familiar spice in life. From time to time it will be sold at a higher price, breaking records for vanilla pods and saffron.
It is known that the spicy of this chili is up to 30,000 to 50,000 degrees of Scoville, it is even 4-20 times higher than the famous jalapeño. According to the description, this bitterness could even puncture your tongue

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