The benefits of chili in human life

Chili is popularly used in life, used to season and seasoning dishes. To meet the needs of the spicy taste, chili is also used to process chili sauce – the most widely used seasoning in meals. Not only contributing to increase the attractiveness of the dish, but chili also has many good uses for human health.
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Nutrition of chili

Talking about chili is to think of a special spicy ingredient called capsaicin. This is an ingredient found in experimental studies, has very good supportive properties for human health, and prevents it from causing inhibitions with components that are harmful to the body.
Capsaicin has a large thermogenesis capacity, helping to burn excess calories in the body. When the body absorbs the spicy amount from chili, the brain will work to promote the nervous system to work, causing the kidneys to secrete fluid to burn fat, effectively losing weight.
In addition, chili contains essential vitamins and minerals that not all foods have. Especially, vitamin C is a very large source of nutrition, can prevent oxidation, synthesize key protein structures to maintain skin, bone, and blood cells. Using chili in meals is also a factor that helps the body eliminate inflammatory diseases, enhance health.

Benefits of chili to human health

Relief of joint pain

For people with frequent joint pain, they should add chili to their menu. The capsaicin in peppers stimulates nerve cells to increase their resistance. Therefore, chili is used in many pharmaceuticals. People extract the spicy taste from chili and make a cream used to treat acne and relieve pain.

Promote digestion

Chili has vitamin C to release fluids during chewing, which aids in good digestion for the stomach.

Support cardiovascular, blood circulation

In chili contains Betacarotena antioxidant content that helps to support the heart. Eating chili regularly will help reduce blood toxicity and high cholesterol in the body. Chili is also processed into an improved chili tea for patients with heart problems.
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Reduce the flu

When eating chili, the spicy substance in the chili helps to support digestion, helping the body to release a lot of sweat. Thus, your body becomes clean and resistant to the flu.

Fight against prostate cancer

According to research by Dr. S. Lehmann, spicy capsaicin in chili peppers works to prevent the growth of prostate cells. Research shows that on average, each week eating about 5 chili peppers is very effective in preventing this disease.

Some of the therapeutic uses of chili peppers:

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Pain relief: soak 12g of chili in 500ml of alcohol for 15 days. Use each drink 2 times, each time about 15ml.
Hair loss treatment: soak 100g of chili in 1 liter of cassava wine for 10 days. Then use soaking water to apply on the scalp, has the effect of stimulating hair growth.
Treatment of joint pain: crushed 15 chili ripe, 3 enough, 80g root is only natural with alcohol in proportion to ½, then massage will reduce joint pain.
Cure dysentery: boil with 9g crushed chili. Drinking continuously 2-3 times will reduce abdominal pain.

Some notes when using chili

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Although it is very good food for human health, you should also pay attention when using:
Chili will cause a burning sensation if you touch the skin of the seeds.
– Eating too much chili will cause irritation around the mouth, tongue, throat, causing discomfort.
– Do not use chili that is damaged or moldy because it reacts to create harmful compounds to the body

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