ways to eat chili – good for health

We eat hot chili every day, but not everyone knows ways to eat chili it right. The habit of eating chili, if not standard will cause great harm to the body and digestive system.
ways to eat chili 1
ways to eat chili – good for health 1
The taste of each of us is very different, some people have a preference for frugal, light taste, but there are many people who like to eat very tastily. This difference is even more pronounced in the habits of eating hot peppers.
In addition to their own preferences, regional eating habits are also related to the fact that people eat more or less spicy. Although hot peppers are considered to be a spice with many health benefits since they may prevent a number of diseases. But eating a lot of chilies or eating chilies in the wrong way will be counterproductive and harmful to health.

Ways to eat chili:

1. Want to eat chili, must rely on your own physical condition

Eating chili peppers will have different effects for people who are in different health conditions. Someone who eats chili will be better, but someone who eats it will get worse.
People with poor health, people with cold fillings, people with anemia should eat spicy peppers regularly because they will bring benefits to the body.
On the contrary, people who have heat, constipation, esophagitis, and other diseases related to the digestive system should limit spicy food, because this spice will make your condition worse. more important.
ways to eat chili 2
ways to eat chili – good for health 2

2. Should eat in small quantities

As a spice belonging to the stimulant group, you should not eat too much chili, it is easy to make you hot and hot. If you combine many spicy spices in one dish, it will make you even hotter.
If the summer is hot, eating more spicy, the body will be hotter, so depending on the weather, you should eat chili little.
If you still have an insatiable appetite for chili peppers, you should eat pickled peppers instead of fresh ones, for example, chili in vinegar, chili with a sour sauce because vinegar or sour taste will help reduce heat. After eating, when sour and spicy combined, it will be able to reduce the harmful effects of chili on the body.
ways to eat chili 3
ways to eat chili – good for health 3

3. Should drink plenty of water, eat some other dishes with hot peppers to reduce heat

If you must eat spicy food, it is best to prepare some water, milk, porridge, and sour soup so you can eat it with chili or spicy food.
Alternatively, you can also drink some cooling teas, which is essential because it can cool down very well.
Herbal tea not only helps to cool the body, but also can soothe the spicy taste that is left on the tongue after eating chili, remove the chili residue left in the mouth, and prevent the breath from unpleasant smell.
ways to eat chili 4
ways to eat chili – good for health 4

4. Do not eat hot peppers separately, should serve with main dishes

Hot chili is a spice, absolutely should not bite the chili to eat separately in the mouth. It is best to eat it with the main dishes or rice.
This way of eating not only reduces the harmful effects of spicy on the body but also helps you reduce excess heat, prevent constipation.
There are many people who like to eat spicy chili or dishes that use large amounts of chili. These habits are very harmful to health, as they will irritate the stomach and digestive system, completely not good if the intestines and stomach are irritated.
ways to eat chili 5
ways to eat chili – good for health 5

5. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to eat hot, spicy food, let it cool for a while before eating

There are many spicy dishes that are cooked hot, for example, hot pot dishes. If we are in a hurry to eat while the food is still hot, it not only causes a hot and spicy sensation, but also damages the esophagus, throat and tongue, and also harms the stomach.
Currently, the temperature in the summer is very high, if eating more delicious dishes can push the body temperature higher, causing hot flashes. In this case, you should not eat any more hot spicy dishes, wait until it is cool.
ways to eat chili 6
ways to eat chili – good for health 6

6. When eating spicy, should eat more fruits, preferably sour fruit

We know that chili peppers are inherently difficult to digest. While sour fruit can promote bowel movements and stimulate secretion of digestive juices, which in turn can promote digestion, eating fruit with chili after each serving will improve the situation.
Not only that, but fruit with a sour taste can also nourish yin and moisten the body, reduce the spicy taste on the tongue and reduce body heat.
In short, spicy eating is a “hard to quit” habit of many people, increasing the flavor of the dish, making the dish more beautiful thanks to the vibrant color of the chili, but when eating spicy, it should be moderate, do not overeat. Many, spicy foods are not good for the body, can be unintentionally hurt
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