What is a Thai chili ?

Bird’s eye chili is a natural spice from Thailand, this type of pepper is also known as forest pepper. This chili is very small but extremely spicy. Just take a bite and you have to pamper and remember. Bird’s eye chili (Thai chili) is considered a clean vegetable because it grows spread in the forest, not being sprayed with pesticides or fertilized.

What do you know about Thai chili

Bird’s eye chili is wild plants. It grows densely in the fields and high mountain areas. This pepper has a small size about the size of a baby’s little finger, but the pungent flavor is very fragrant and especially “super clean”.

Chili peppers have a characteristic aroma, very spicy, but not the tongue-tearing style like chili peppers in the plains. Like many other specialties, Green Thai Chilli grows wild all over the forests, completely natural, no fertilizers, no pesticides, no target stimulants 100% clean food.
gia ot xiem xanh

The active ingredient of Bird’s eye chili

According to the research of scientists in fruits and vegetables, Bird’s eye chili contains many healthy ingredients. In which there are some outstanding active ingredients:
0.05-2% active ingredients Capsicain and Alkaloid.
Scientists have identified its chemical structure as Isodexenic Acid Vanilylamite.
The spicy active ingredient of the Chilli fruit causes strong sneezing and easy evaporation.
Capsaicin, the active ingredient that causes redness and heat, accounts for 0.01-0.1%.
Capsaicin is used to stimulate the brain to produce Endorphins.
Endorphin is an endogenous Morphin, similar to pain reliever medicine.
Contains a variety of vitamins such as:
Vitamins B1, B2, C
Citric Acid.
Malic Acid.
Beta Carotene.
The pharmaceutical substances in the green chili are recognized by the scientific community. According to Professor Shen Yanying (Vice President of the Capital Medical University, Beijing), green chili is rich in vitamins. In a small pepper but contains a lot of Vitamin K, Folic Acid Carotene and other Vitamins. In addition, chili also contains calcium, iron, minerals and other fiber.
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Check out the amazing benefits of Green Chili

Prevent cancer

In small green chili fruit contains a large amount of the active ingredient capsaicin, which is effective against prostate cancer. Green peppers contain many active substances that are capable of repelling free radicals, which in turn reduce the risk of cancer and slow down the aging process.

Lower blood sugar

Green chili is very beneficial for diabetics. Because green chili helps balance blood sugar. However that doesn’t mean you eat a lot of sweet food and then eat chili to balance it out.

AIDS digestion

Green chili is very good for a fiber-rich digestive system that cleans the intestines and helps keep bowel movements healthy. The fiber has a good detoxifying and constipating effect.


Green chili has antibodies that can fight inflammation, pain, and swelling of the muscles, bones and joints. If you eat chili in moderation, it will reduce the risk of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, …
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Increased immunity

Green chili is also rich in vitamin A combined with the essence in Green Peppers to create a healthy mucous membrane in the nose and lungs that protects the respiratory system from infection. Eating chili properly will help improve the body’s resistance to flu, cough, sore throat, pneumonia, runny nose, …

Prevent rickets

Green Peppers contain a lot of vitamin C, which forms a barrier to protect the body, improve the immune system, thereby preventing infectious diseases. At the same time, green chili also stimulates the taste buds, makes you crave food, prevents rickets.

Good for the heart

Potassium-rich green peppers. Moreover, it also contains a large amount of Manganese, iron and magnesium. The way this substance is made up of cells and body fluids helps to stabilize blood pressure and heart rate.

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