Who should not eat Chili ?

Although chili has many uses, not everyone can use it. The following people should not eat chili:
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People with heart disease, brain disease, blood vessel disease, high blood pressure, chronic tracheitis, lung disease

In chili contains substances that increase blood quality during circulation, heart palpitations. If this happens for a long time, it can lead to heart failure, even death.
People with stomach ulcers, esophagitis
The spicy taste of chili can burn the skin, so when eaten, it will be harmful to the stomach lining, especially for people who are suffering from stomach ulcers. In addition, eating too spicy also affects digestive enzymes, causing indigestion and increasing the risk of stomach ulcers.
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People with cholecystitis, gallstones
Stimulants in chili will increase gastric juice in the stomach. Too much gastric juice causes the liver sac to shrink, then the secretion of the liver fluid becomes more difficult leading to inflammation of the liver and pancreas.
People with dermatitis or those with multiple acne
 The spicy taste of chili peppers makes it hot, so those with dermatitis or acne should not eat this spice because it will make acne worse.
After surgery
After surgery, the patient needs time to heal, so it is important to avoid spicy and hot foods. While chili has hot properties, it is easy to cause ulcers and burning when eaten. Therefore, you should use a moderate amount of chili after surgery, it is best not to eat during this time to avoid unnecessary post-operative complications.
People with hemorrhoids
For people with hemorrhoids, the stimulants in the peppers cause the storage of venous water, which can worsen the disease, even form pus in the anus.
The stimulants in peppers cause venous water storage, making the hemorrhoids worse.
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