Why should diabetics eat more chili?

Indian scientists recently discovered capsaicin compound in chili peppers has anti-hyperglycemic properties, beneficial for diabetics.
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When taking medication, one of the most important things is to consider what foods can consume with that medication. This is because there may be interactions between them, leading to changes in the metabolism of the food or drug, the ability to absorb nutrients, the effectiveness of the drug, and the risk of side effects. In the past, capsaicin – the compound that makes chili peppers hot – has been shown to have negative effects on the circulation of certain drugs, such as galantamine (to treat dementia) and simvastatin (to reduce fat. blood).
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So, to determine the antihyperglycemic effects of capsaicin and the potential reactions between this compound and the gliclazide type 2 diabetes drug, the research team at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University performed a controlled experiment with white mice and red-eyed white rabbits, including those with diabetes and normal. They are divided into 5 groups: normal control, diabetes control, gliclazide, capsaicin and gliclazide & capsaicin. The researchers also used the concentrations of blood sugar, insulin, and gliclazide to evaluate antihyperglycemic effects and reactions. The results showed that capsaicin has effective antihyperglycemic properties in diabetic rats and rabbits. Specifically, their blood sugar decreased, while insulin concentration and beta-cell function increased.
In addition, capsaicin did not have a hypoglycemic effect in healthy rats, unlike the drug gliclazide. The study also found that treating these animals with both gliclazide and capsaicin significantly reduced blood glucose levels, significantly increased insulin levels and beta-cell function. This suggests that gliclazide and capsaicin have synergistic effects.
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The findings above indicate that chili peppers could be used as an herbal remedy for diabetes. Even if you don’t have diabetes, eating chili peppers is also beneficial for health, including pain relief, weight loss, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and improved immune system.

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